Hacklab Mikkeli

Hacklab Mikkeli has bought RF equipment: Rohde & Schwarz FSB 100Hz — 5GHz spectrum analyzer, and HP 8711B vector network analyzer. They can be used to measure, for example, frequency, amplitude, spectrum, S/N ratio, THD, antenna SWR, amplitude response and phase response in a wide frequency range. The spectrum analyzer can additionally be used as […]

Hacklab Mikkeli avasi hackathon-kautensa järjestämällä Ihminen 2.0 -hackathonin yhdessä Mikkelin Työttömät ry:n kanssa. Ihminen 2.0 on hackathon uteliaille ja kokeilunhaluisille ihmisille – eli meille kaikille. Se on aloittelijaystävällinen ja rento tapahtuma, jossa tutkiskelemme ja kokeilemme teknologiaa, rakennamme yhdessä siistejä juttuja ja opimme tekemällä. Tapahtumaa alustettiin järjestämällä työpajoja hacklabilla alkeista alkaen. Työpajatkin olivat hackathonin tapaan kaikille […]

First course to begin our year 2016 was 3D modelling basics with Blender. We asked what courses our community was interested in and 3D modelling basics was voted to first place. Luckily we have some talented Blender users in our members who also volunteered to lead the course. Earlier our courses have been about eletronics […]

We have survived as a registered association for one whole year! One year ago we met and decided to make this thing official – 19 brave hackers signed our charter of foundation. Of course we had began planning the hacklab earlier but after receiving huge support from other Finnish hacklabs at Hacklab Summit Finland 2015 […]