Industrial Hackathon at Kuortti

Most likely the first hackathon of 2016 in region of Southern Savo began today 16:00 at Kuortti. This time it was Industrial Hackathon with aim to improve processes of two local companies. These two hosting companies are Pelaser Plastep. Pelaser works with processing steel plates and sheet metal parts. Plastep is a plastic production company.

Challenges for Pelaser are about logistics and pricing. Finding a solution or developing an application to improve the transparency and efficiency of internal logistics. The pricing challenge in detail is to find a solution or develop an application that intelligently automates the interal product pricing process.

Plastep challenges concentrate on common operational picture and quality. The challenges about common operational picture could be solved by developing an application that improvaes situational awareness of production status. Quality challenge aims to improve quality control and traceability throughout the whole manufacturing process.

It was also really nice to meet again people who participated our NASA Space Apps Hackathon in April 2015. All of them had the same enthusiasm as before to solve the given challenges. About 18 hours time left for hacking…