CodeWeek EU and IoT Hackathon

To celebrate the Europe Code Week 2015 Hacklab Mikkeli organized its own event in Mikkeli. Our event was built from bunch of different sub-events. The major event was Internet of Things Hackathon which describes itself with its name. Other events included planning and luckily also starting local Koodikerho activity, 3D modelling and printing workshop, API:Suomi meeting which lead to starting API Meetup community to Mikkeli, and last but not least Open Finland Challenge workshop.

One quite interesting project was presented by locusf (Aleksi Suomalainen) from Kuopio Hacklab. He has been working on a project that combines Raspberry Pi with SailfishOS. A SailPi tablet. For more detailed information see his blog article: Deployment and use of the SailPi tablet as real standalone tablet