Digital City Adventure 2015

Hacklab Mikkeli had a possibility to host a checkpoint in Digital City Adventure 2015. Of course we accepted the challenge and did our best making the checkpoint a nice experience for all participants.

Digital City Adventure is a 24-hour event where the whole city of Mikkeli turns into a digital playfield. Participants explore the city and solve puzzles at the checkpoints using their own mobile devices. For more information see Digital City Adventure site.

We opened our checkpoint same the game began. Within first ten minutes participants started arriving. First it looked like we can handle the situation easily. We could even count the visitors. We could instruct the visitors making a protective gear against harmful radiation.

After first hour things changed. The hacklab was totally crowded. All 90 meters of tin foil was used. No more protection. In total we counted 210 visitors. Real figure is something like ±50. In any case lots of nice people, lots of them interested in hacklab activity. We hope to see them again on open Thursdays!

Part of our checkpoint was this weird gizmo. Something the Digital City Adventure participants had to solve to get full points from our checkpoint. First they had to access our local network by using social engineering.

Next they had to access web server – once again by using social engineering for clues – to control lights. In certain combination the lights made it possible to hear the correct code for the checkpoint. In Morse code.

Hacklab Mikkeli’s late summer has been busy. We have been building programmable robots with 7th graders (see YLE News for details). We also spent one whole day at Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences on a Hobby Fair recruiting new members.