Space Apps Challenge Mikkeli – 8 great projects as a result

Space Apps Challenge Mikkeli was one wonderful weekend. No question about it. 74 registered participants which of great majority arrived and started working on NASA Challenges. On Sunday afternoon it was time for the award ceremony…

First prize went to SpaceShield team. Four students from Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences successfully solved the Neuromorphic Studies of Asteroid Imagery. Lots of excellent work which also received enthusiastic feedback from NASA. You should take a look at their comprehensive report.

We as Hacklab Mikkeli wanted to award two teams – insteaf of just one as planned – due to extreme dedication on hacking shown by both two teams. Hacking > sleep. Also keeping up the morale in the hackathon was considered a nice bonus. Both teams did meet their goals and break their technical skill limits. Some might say this was a learning experience. The awarded teams were 2 Guys 1 ISS and Challenge? Accepted!.

This was maybe the biggest hackathon ever in Mikkeli. Wonderful people. Wonderful weekend. Wonderful hacking. Wonderful sponsors. Wonderful organizing teams. Hacklab Mikkeli will be definitely arranging more events like this.